Mission & About


School4Schools Foundation is a Virginia-based public charitable 501(c)(3) corporation, established in 2021. The Foundation’s charitable purpose is to support and assist students to achieve academic success.

Following the idea that students can choose success, the Foundation seeks to assist parents, teachers, and administrators to create pathways for student engagement and ownership of both academic process and outcomes.

If you are a resident of Virginia or Maryland, we urge you to donate now to support these important and innovative programs.


Located in Arlington, Virginia, School4Schools Foundation is owned and operated by Michael Bromley and Terry Jennings.

Michael Bromley is an entrepreneur, author, historian, teacher and student advocate.  Michael currently works with School4Schools.com and the A+ Club in order to help them achieve academic success.  Michael received his B.A. in Writing from Hamilton College and pursued graduate courses at Catholic University in U.S. History. He was founder and president of American Merchants, Inc., an export and distribution firm, author of two books and many articles on social, political and automotive history. Michael taught for ten years in Montgomery County Public Schools (Maryland) and Archbishop Carroll High School (Washington, DC). Since 2012, he has operated School4Schools.com LLC and the A+ Club.

Teresa “Terry” Jennings is Head of Rule of Law for LexisNexis and Vice President and Treasurer of LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation.  Terry works to create and implement projects around the world that touch on one or more elements of the rule of law: transparency of the law, access to legal remedy, equal treatment under the law, and independent judiciaries. Terry received her B.A. from the University of Maryland, College Park, in Government and Politics; her J.D. from George Washington University; and her LLM from Loyola University, Chicago, in Rule of Law Development.