The School4Schools Foundation is an independent advocate for students

The Foundation works with students, teachers, and schools in order to improve student learning processes, engagement and academic ownership and to support teacher processes, feedback, and development of rewarding academic environments

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School4Schools Foundation charitable projects

Current Projects

  1. Liberia Literacy & School Project
  2. Tuition assistance for students at Liberia school ($100/ student / year)
  3. Teacher Mentoring of Students
  4. Middle & High School Scholarship Assistance

Upcoming Projects

  • Peer to Peer Student & Teacher Mentoring
  • HomeworkTracker & Goal Setting Tools for Students & Families
  • Teacher Training for the non-Judgmental, Student-Centered Classroom
  • Feedback Pro for Teacher Accountability

We are currently accepting donations of any amount from Virginia & Maryland residents and up to $5,000-50,000 from residents of other states to support these innovative and important programs

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