School4Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. We issue a receipt for every donation that identifies the purpose or destination of that donation.

We are accepting donations for the following projects and programs via PayPal at the links provided or by check to School4Schools Foundation, 116 S. Hudson St., Arlington, VA 22204.

(Note: if you wish to donate over $5,000, please contact us prior to submitting your donation.)

Please go here for Liberia Project Donations via PayPal

Update Jun 19, 2023:

The new school house exterior structure is complete!

We are now preparing to ship 100 desks and chairs in July of 2023. We are raising about $6,000 to cover the costs of shipment. Desks, chairs and some other supplies are a kind donation from St. Martin of Tours School in Gaithersburg, MD.

Please donate via check to: School4Schools Foundation, 116 S. Hudson St., Arlington, VA 22204 or via PayPal (link here)



Update Dec 19, 2022:

A groundbreaking ceremony was held today at at the Terry & Michael Academic in Lower Johnsonville, Liberia for construction of an 8-classroom school house.  Your generosity has allowed for commencement of the foundation for the new building ($3,150).

We are now seeking to raise an addition $4,500 to complete the building by next February.

Please donate to this project via

PayPal (preferable although still incurs fees):

GoFundMe (less preferable due to high fees and holds on funds)

Check to School4Schools Foundation, 116 S. Hudson St., Arlington, VA 22204 (preferable, as there are no fees)


Liberia School & Literacy Program

  • Buy school supplies for the school in Lower Johnsonville, Liberia, a registered school
  • Sponsor students with tuition, uniforms and school supplies
    • tuition per student is $100 per year for up to 50 students
    • additional donations are welcome for personal supplies
    • please go here to sponsor or co-sponsor a student:

  • Current goals are
    • build roof for shipping container that is the current structure for the school and library ($1500)
      • $1500 has been generously donated towards building a roof for the container!
    • paint for the container exterior ($15) and interior ($15)
    • fencing for the grounds ($1400)
      • $1,400 generously donated towards building a fence for the school grounds!
    • projector ($500-$600)
      • $600 generously donated towards acquisition of a 4K mini, low-wattage projector
    • large Screen monitor/ television ($500)
    • color printer and extra ink ($300)
    • school bell ($30), flag pole ($50) and school sign ($100)
    • math flash cards and misc supplies shipped from US
    • locally-sourced textbooks in Liberia ($150)
    • wifi repeater ($200)
    • sports equipment ($20-$200)
      • $300 generously donated to purchase sporting goods equipment locally
    • playground ($3,830)
    • new 8-classroom school house ($3150 for foundation; $4500 for completion)
      • $3,150 generously donated towards laying of building foundation
  • items in bold represent highest priorities

Liberia School Construction Project

  • In conjunction with the LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation and the Liberian non-profit foundation, Agents of Positive change, in 2022, we helped place a 40-foot shipping container in Lower Johnsonville, Liberia for use as a library. The container was loaded in Gaithersburg, Maryland, at the Saint Martin of Tours School, with library and school supplies for distribution to and in support of students, families and ten schools in Lower Johnsonville, Liberia,.
  • We are now proud to announce plans for construction of a school structure at the site.
    • fundraising goal: $40,000.00 (USD)
    • deadline: Spring, 2023
    • donations for this project via School4Schools Foundation, a 501(c)(3) corporation, are tax-deductible and will be 100% directed to the school construction project.

Please contact us to discuss your support of this project.

Or, if you wish to donate now to the construction project
(funds will be held for this sole purpose and not spent until the project is fully funded and confirmed),
please go to:

(Funds will be reserved 100% for the construction project)

General academic support programs for students and teachers

  • Teacher-student mentoring, with the goals to:
    • nurture positive academic experiences for students
    • develop teacher awareness of the perspective and needs of students
    • expenses for this program include:
      • stipend for teachers
      • software licenses and fees for software programs and websites used for this program
      • mentor training for teachers
  • School4Schools Teacher Lesson Planner and Student Study Gide Wiki
    • the Wiki serves as a structure and form for development of similar wikis for school academic departments in order to
      • store and access departmental knowledge, including content, lesson plans, links, assessments and classroom activities
      • easy-to-consume study materials for students
  • School4Schools Foundation overhead, including
    • website licenses and fees, communications expenses, software
    • legal fees and liability insurance
    • state solicitation licenses
    • all Foundation activities are currently conducted by Michael Bromley and Terry Jennings at no charges

Please go here for your tax-deductible donation that will go towards supporting our general activities:

Sponsor a student in the A+ Club

  • The A+ Club academic support program helps students improve in school
    • through coaching and mentoring with an experienced educator, the A+ Club engages students in academic reflection, goal setting and problem solving
  • School4Schools Foundation seeks sponsors to support individual students in the program on a monthly basis.
    • the monthly fee is $135 per month. Parents will be required to pay $35 per month, and sponsors will pay $100 per month.
    • sponsors will be included in all communications and reports regarding the student/s along with parents.
    • student participation and progress will be monitored and regularly assessed as for effectiveness and student continuation in the program.

Tuition assistance

  • To help needs-based families move their children into private K-12 education
  • As of Aug 2022, we are looking to help a family in Fredericksburg, Virginia who would like to place two 7th grade students in a private school in order to avoid the failures of the local public school (and which negatively impacted older siblings).
  • The family has a scholarship from the school but has a shortfall of $10,000 for a full year for two students.
  • We are looking for sponsors for these students through high school.

Please contact us to discuss your support students in the A+ Club program and/or tuition assistance.